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    Slide 41570 Plastics & Mold Cleaning Wipes


    Slide 41570 Plastics & Mold Cleaner Wipes are convenient towelettes. They effectively remove oil and dirt marks from all plastics, even sensitive polycarbonates, & are ideal for cleaning plastic parts, & removing mold release agents prior to secondary operations. A wipe canister at each workstation helps in maximizing productivity.

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    • Slide 41570 Plastics & Mold Cleaning Wipes

      • No ozone depleting chemicals
      • Safe on all plastics
      • Cleans without leaving film or residue
      • Pleasant, fresh scent
      • Non-flammable, water-based cleaner with low VOC's
      • Contains no ammonia
      • 70 Wipes Per Canister

      Slide 41570 MSDS Available from the download tab.

      How to effectively apply Mold Release

      You can apply Slide Mold Cleaner directly on the mold while in production! Slide has mold cleaners that require no wiping, leave no residue and quickly evaporate.

      Using Slide 46370 Mold & Metal Polish Wipes, you simply rube across the surface of the mold. To thoroughly clean & polish your molds, apply Slide 45210 Mold & Metal Polish to the wipe and rube across the surface.

      Watch a brief video demonstrating how to properly clean your molds.