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Tubular Rod Heaters
Tubular Rod Heaters

Tubular Rod Heaters

Dependable and rugged of any heat generation device, tubular heating elements typically incorporate a wound nickel chromium wire insulated by magnesium oxide in a steel sheath. This construction make it an ideal heating element that can be shaped into a wide array of bending configurations and with a variety of electrical terminations and mounting fittings and brackets make it an easy choice for integration into many heating applications such as radiant or convection-air heating. Available in various sheath materials and rod diameters make it a flexible choice for high watt density applications.


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Reference: RGN77E35H-2

Brand: Watlow Electric Mfg.

Watlow RGN77E35H-2

3600w 220v .475" rod diameter total watt density=33w/sq-in, sheath material alloy 800 oxide annealed, wall thickness 0.035", no-heat first 2" each end, RTV end seals rated 392°F, 60" TGGT lead wire rated 480°F crimped on rod ends.

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