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45712N Aerosol
  • 45712N Aerosol

Slide 45712N Pure Eze Mold Release

  • Food-grade active ingredient (†††)
  • Neutral white oil-based release; does not contain lecithin
  • Recognized by UL
  • Solvent-free dry formulation
  • Won’t turn color or turn rancid
  • Paintable, non-silicone
  • Excellent all-purpose mold release for use with most resins
  • Maximum operating temp: 600°F/315°C
  • A pure non-silicone oil is also offered (part #457CONC). Call for details. (†††) 21CFR 172.878 and 178.3620 (a)
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Slide 45712N Pure Eze Mold Release

Slide 45712N Pure Eze Mold Release is a white, oil-based, food-approved release that is ideal for medical & food applications. Use pure eze with all thermoplastic resins, polyolefins, polycarbonates, rubber & some epoxies. It's colorless, odorless, tasteless and will not change color over time. Available in aerosol cans as well as in liquid containers.

Slide 45712N MSDS Available from the attachments tab along with instructional videos.

NOTE: Slide Products are developed for plastics processors and fabricators, including mold and tool builders or MRO applications in general industry. They are not formulated for home use. These products will not be shipped to a residential address and are not intended as retail products.

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