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Silicone Spray Lube
  • Silicone Spray Lube

Slide 42112N Silicone Spray Lube


Slide 4212N Silicone Spray Lube (SSL) has thousands of uses. for paper and film converters. It fights sticking & glue build-up problems. Use it on slitter knives, rollers, slide guides. For food processing. It eliminates sticky food build-up, speeds cleaning. Use it on heat sealers, ovens, guides, chutes, conveyors. For vertical blind manufacturing.

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Slide 4212N Silicone Spray Lube (SSL)

  • Formulated With FDA Approved Silicone
  • Approved As An Indirect Food Additive
  • Recognized By Underwriters Laboratories
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 600F
  • 12/Oz Net Weight Aerosol Can
  • Classified NSF category M1

Slide 4212N MSDS available from the download tab.

How to effectively use Mold Release

How to effectively use Mold Release to maximize productivity,

When applying mold release, hold the can 6" - 8" from the surface of the mold & spray in a sweeping motion coving all parts of the mold evenly. You can also apply Slide 4102N directly onto the areas with sticking issues.

Watch the bellow video demonstration to see how to apply mold release. Visit Slide Instructional Videos page for more "How To" videos.

NOTE: Slide Products are developed for plastics processors and fabricators, including mold and tool builders or MRO applications in general industry. They are not formulated for home use. These products will not be shipped to a residential address and are not intended as retail products.
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Specific References

Slide MSDS 421HB bulk

Material Safety Data Sheets for Slide product 421HB liquid silicone

Download (102.96KB)
Slide MSDS 42112N aerosol

Material Safety Data Sheets for Slide product 42112N mold release

Download (90.97KB)
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