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  • Copper Anti-Seize compound for preventing thread damage by seizing and galling up to 1800ºF. 
  • Compatible with most metals and plastics
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Improves assembly and disassembly without galling
  • It will not harden, drip or separate
  • Meets MIL-PRF-907F performance requirements

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  • When used on threaded areas during assembly, the product stands up for extended periods, even if subjected to high loads and temperatures.
  • Compatible with most metals and plastics, the compound allows technicians to salvage damaged or threaded parts and won’t harden, drip or separate.
  • To best protect the interfaces within a given assembly, a thin layer of anti-seize compound should be applied to each surface (typically around 0.1mm thick). These may include bolt or stud threaded and unthreaded sections, the nut face, and the washer if one is used. All surfaces should be clean and decontaminated before any application begins.
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47908 SDS

Copper graphite anti-seize compound material safety data sheet

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