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PM6C3FJ-AAAABAA 1/6-DIN 2-Outputs
  • PM6C3FJ-AAAABAA 1/6-DIN 2-Outputs
  • PM6C3FJ-AAAABAA Front View
  • PM6C3FJ-AAAABAA Rear View
  • PM6C3FJ-AAAABAA Enhanced Menu Options
  • PM6C3FJ-AAAABAA Dimensions

PM6C3FJ-AAAABAA 1/6-DIN 2-Outputs

  • One Universal Input
  • Output #1 (F) - Universal process
  • Output #2 (J) - Mechanical relay 5A, Form A
  • Operating Voltage 20 to 28VAC or 12 to 40VDC
  • Auto-Tune PID Controller
  • PM Express Set-Up Menu
  • For Basic Heating/Cooling Applications
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  • This unit can control a compressor, motor, pressure, valve, humidity, as well as thermal processes.
  • The serial communications when used with the free WATLOW software, saves time of controller setup.
  • Also available in 100 ~ 240VAC Model PM6C1FJ-AAAABAA

Updated EZ-ZONE® Features

  • These units now come with Bluetooth® (B), replacing the serial communications (A) at no additional charge - PM6C3FJ-BAAABAA
  • Watlow's new version of the EZ-ZONE® EXPRESS is the LEGACY® model - PM6C3FJ-BAAAHWP
  • Available with a more extensive menu EZ-ZONE® PLUS® thermal process - PM6C3FJ-BAAAPWP

Universal Input

  • This can be a thermocouple grounded or ungrounded
  • It can be an RTD 2-wire or 3-wire
  • It can be 0-20mA or 0-50mV

Universal Process Output

The universal process is range selectable between 0-10VDC or 4-20mA.

The differences between (Form A) & (Form C)

Form A - single pole, single throw (SPST).
Form C - double pole, double throw (DPDT).

Direct replacement for Watlow Series 93 & Series 96

This unit replaces obsolete models: 93AA-1FD1-00AA, 93AA-1FD1-00AB, 93AA-1FD1-00AC, 93AA-1FD1-00AD, 93AA-1FD1-00GG, 93AA-1FD1-00GR, 93AA-1FD1-00RG, 93AA-1FD1-00RR, 93AB-1FD1-00AA, 93AB-1FD1-00AB, 93AB-1FD1-00AC, 93AB-1FD1-00AD, 93AB-1FD1-00GG, 93AB-1FD1-00GR, 93AB-1FD1-00RG, 93AB-1FD1-00RR, 93BA-1FD1-00AA, 93BA-1FD1-00AB, 93BA-1FD1-00AC, 93BA-1FD1-00AD, 93BA-1FD1-00GG, 93BA-1FD1-00GR, 93BA-1FD1-00RG, 93BA-1FD1-00RR, 93BB-1FD1-00AA, 93BB-1FD1-00AB, 93BB-1FD1-00AC, 93BB-1FD1-00AD, 93BB-1FD1-00GG, 93BB-1FD1-00GR, 93BB-1FD1-00RG, 93BB-1FD1-00RR, 965A-1FD1-0000, 965A-1FD1-00AM, 965A-2FD1-0000, 965A-2FD1-00AM, 965A-3FD1-0000, 965A-3FD1-00AM, 965A-3FD1-00BH, 965A-3FD1-00BR, 965A-3FD1-00EL, 965A-3FD1-00GG, 965A-3FD1-00GR, 965A-3FD1-00RG, 965A-3FD1-0200, 965A-3FD1-02AM, 965A-3FD1-02BH, 965A-3FD1-02BR, 965A-3FD1-02EL, 965A-3FD1-02GG, 965A-3FD1-02GR, 965A-3FD1-02RG, 965A-3FD1-0300, 965A-3FD1-03AM, 965A-3FD1-03BH, 965A-3FD1-03BR, 965A-3FD1-03EL, 965A-3FD1-03GG, 965A-3FD1-03GR, 965A-3FD1-03RG, 965A-3FD1-0400, 965A-3FD1-04AM, 965A-3FD1-04BH, 965A-3FD1-04BR, 965A-3FD1-04EL, 965A-3FD1-04GG, 965A-3FD1-04GR, 965A-3FD1-04RG

Review The Data Sheet Tab Or FAQ's For More Specifics Or Check Out The Operator's Manual From The Attachments Tab.

Product Details
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Data sheet

Advanced Auto-Tune PID Control Algorithm
UL Listed, CSA, CE, RoHS, W.E.E.E. FM
Three Years
IP2X Increases Safety For Installers And Operators
    What are PM LEGACY® temperature controllers?

    Watlow’s new PM LEGACY® temperature controllers utilize the EZ-ZONE® PM platform by optimizing performance through simple control and menu functionality without complex features. They are ideally suited for basic applications and usage levels. PM LEGACY® controllers can be ordered as PID process controllers or as dedicated over and under-temperature limit controllers.

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