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    Slide 42910 Mold Shield Rust Preventative & Inhibitor


    Slide 42910 Mold Shield is a unique formula which delivers an ultra-dry, non-penetrating mist into moving mold parts, including ejector pin holes, slides, and cams.  Mold Shield protects up to two years under normal indoor storage conditions without marking of plastic parts when molds are put back in service.

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    • Slide 42910 Mold Shield Rust Preventative & Inhibitor

      • Neutralizes Fingerprints
      • Non-Silicone / Non-Wax
      • Self-Cleaning In Start-Up
      • Seals Out Condensation
      • Does Not Leach Out Of Mold Crevices And Mark Parts
      • No Ozone Depleting Chemicals
      • Excellent Overnight Protection
      • 10/Oz Net Weight Aerosol Can

      Slide 42910 MSDS Available from the download tab.

      How to Safely protect your molds with Rust Preventives

      To protect your molds over night or while they are being transferred from the machine over to the tool room, apply light coating of Rust Preventative.

      When applying the Rust Preventative, keep the can a few inches from the mold and apply to the entire surface in broad sweeping motion.

      Watch the bellow video demonstration to see how to safely protect molds with Rust Preventives. Visit Slide Instructional Videos page for more "How To" videos.