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Watlow BLR77L3S4 Immersion Heater
  • Watlow BLR77L3S4 Immersion Heater
  • BLR77L3S4 Dimensions
  • BLR77L3S4 Drawing

BLR77L3S4 screw plug immersion heater

  • 240V 3-phase 3.0kW
  • General Purpose Wiring Enclosure
  • DPST on/off from 30°F to 110°F with a differential up to 12°F 
  • 2 1/2-inch NPT Screw Plug
  • WATROD elements
  • No heat the first 2.625 inches from the the 2-1/2"npt screw plug
  • (3) 316-ss passivated 7.625-inch immersed length heating elements
  • Epoxy resin end seals rated at 194°F and a thermowell for sensor
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Screw Plug Immersion Heater | BLR77L3S4

  • General Purpose Wiring Enclosure
  • Without thermostat

Application: Deionized/Demineralized Water

  • Steam boilers and cooling systems
  • Manufacturing lead-acid batteries
  • Car washes
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Cleaning processes
  • Manufacturing Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

Features & Benefits of the Watlow® Immersion Heater

The integral thermowell provides a convenient method for temperature sensor insertion and allowing a replacement without draining the fluid being heated. The WATROD™ hairpin bend is re-compacted to maintain the mineral insulation density and maintain the dielectric strength and heat transfer efficiency. The heating element has a bright annealing passivation for corrosion resistance.

NOTE: A NEMA-7 enclosure designated for locations classified as Class-1, Division-1, Groups A,B,C, or D as defined in NFPA 70 is installed on this heater; however, is NOT CERTIFIED as installed on the heater. To obtain CSA certification as explosion proof Class-1, Groups B,C,D as installed on the heater, the end user must provide Watlow® the following intended process conditions: operating temperature, operating pressure, media type being heated, including the installation orientation of the heater (horizontal or vertical).

  • One conduit hub is supplied as per provided drawing above.

Review the above tabs for Data Sheets, FAQ's & Attachments; more specifics and manuals.

Product Details
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Data sheet

CSA general purpose
30° ~ 110°F range with up to 12° differential
Line power
240v AC 3-phase delta
3000 watt
2-1/2" NPT screw plug
Immersion Length
Screw Plug Immersion Heaters

Application: Deionized Demineralized Water

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