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Delta Manufacturing Has Been In The Industrial Electric Heating Business Since 1984.  Delta Is An ISO Certified And A UL Listed Company Manufacturing Mica Insulated Band Heaters, Strip Heaters, Ring Heaters, Ceramic, Cartridge, Immersion, Screw Plug, And Drum Heaters.

Delta Products Provide Dispensing Solutions Packaging For 50 Years In Various Industries.

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Reference: SM-87

Brand: Delta Manufacturing Company

Delta sm-87 SprayMaster™ 32-Oz Sprayer

Delta SM-87 SprayMaster™ Hand Sprayer comes with a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE. The sprayer contains chemically resistant components, and a padded end cap so the sprayer rests comfortably in your hand. The bottle is made with a thick resin which provides durability and longevity. The bottle graphics include "check off grids" for identifying contents & a handy...

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