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List of products by brand Dalton Electric Heating Co.

Since 1921 Dalton Electric Heating Company Has Manufactured Products Including The Watt-Flex® Split-Sheath Cartridge Heater And Immersion Heater, Diff-Therm® Platen Heaters For Vacuum Diffusion Pumps, And Related High-Temperature Accessories And Heater Modifications.

Dalton's Watt-Flex® cartridge heater is essentially a tubular heater bent back on itself and swaged into a cylindrical format.  The design provides a more compacted heating element allowing much greater watt densities while increasing its dielectric insulation value and heat transferability.  The split sheath design also allows independent bilateral expansion of each half of the heater outward against the wall of the surrounding bore achieving a more efficient heat transfer while eliminating warping or seizing making it easier to install and remove.

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