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    Slide 43911P Super Grease


    Super Grease will not separate, run or fall out and has exceptional load-bearing properties. Thixotropic properties provide excellent mechanical stability when sudden temperature changes occur. A clear, clean, non-yellowing grease, Super Grease is ideal for injection molds, mold assemblies, and especially medical and food grade plastic parts. It also repels water and prevents corrosion.

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    • NOTE: Slide Products are developed for plastics processors and fabricators, including mold and tool builders or MRO applications in general industry. They are not formulated for home use. These products will not be shipped to a residential address and are not intended as retail products.
        What does NSF stand for?
        National Sanitation Foundation (NSF International). A non-profit organization assisting in developing public health standards and providing a certification program for non-food compounds as safe chemical products for use in food and beverage processing facilities. Manufacturers who register their formulations with the NSF provide users with an independent third party review that validates the safety and non-toxic properties of their product for their intended use.

        What is NSF category H1?
        Lubricants that are registered as acceptable for use in and around food processing areas.
        The lubricant is formulated for incidental food contact and can be used as a protective anti-rust film, a mold release agent or for lubricating machine parts or equipment that have the potential for exposure to food.

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