Mercury Contactors



    60A 2P 120Vac Mercury Contactor



    • Coil Rating Per Pole 5.8-VA 1.25kΩ (Coils Are In Parrallel)
    • Contacts Normally Open Rated 60A@480V
    • Amperage Rating Based On Resistive Load
    • Contact Make Time 50 Milliseconds
    • Contact Break Time 80 Milliseconds
    • Temperature Range -35°c To +85°c
    • Dielectric Withstanding UpTo 2500Vac RMS
    • Direct Replacement For Watlow HG60-1PD2-0000

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      • Contacts Are Within A Hermetically Sealed Steel Body
      • Arcing Is In A Gaseous Atmosphere
      • Only One Moving Part (The Plunger)
      • Epoxy Encapsulated
      • Coil Terminals:  #6 Binding Head Screws
      • Load Terminals:  Pressure Connectors for #2 Thru #8 American Wire Gauge
      • UL Listing:  File #E62767
      • C.S.A.:  File #LR41198
      • 1-Year Warranty
      • 260NO-120AH-18 Made In The USA By Mercury Displacement Industries, Inc.

      CONSTRUCTION & ACTION: The load terminals are isolated from each other by a glass hermetic seal.  "The plunger assembly" which includes a ceramic insulator, a magnetic sleeve and related parts, floats in a pool of mercury. When powered, the coil creates a magnetic field pulling the plunger assembly down into the mercury pool which displaces the mercury to move up making contact with the electrode, thereby closing the circuit between the line terminal on the top and the load terminal on the bottom which is connected to the stainless steel can.