Solid State Relays



    25A SPST N/O 240Vac Power 90~280Vac Control



    • Zero Cross Fire Back to Back SCR Design
    • Hocky Puck Style
    • Maximum I²T Fusing is 260A² Seconds
    • Line Voltage 24~240Vac
    • Ambient Operating Temperature -40°F ~ 176°F
    • Thermal Resistance 1.05°F C/W
    • Internal Voltage Snubber
    • Equal to Crydom A2425 and Potter & Brumfield SSRT-240A25

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    • Solid state relays should last for many years if properly protected. Watlow solid state relays include an internal voltage snubber for protection from fast transient voltages. SSRs require a small voltage to switch their load. The heat generated by the relay's switching action can accumulate depending on the cycle time and reduce the life of the relay.  This heat should be removed by mounting the SSR on an appropriately sized heat sink.  The relay should also be protected with Semiconductor Fuses which can open in tenths of a millisecond during a high fault short.  The fuse amp rating should be 125% of the relay’s load current.