Quartz Heaters



    2000W 230V 46"OVL 5/8"OD WIRE HANGER ENDS



    Process Technology brand previously marketed under the Lufran brand.
    This quartz radiant heating element for horizontal mounting only.

    • Peak wavelength 2.55 microns
    • 50 watts per square inch watt density
    • Capable of reaching full heat in 40 to 65 seconds
    • Energy conversion efficiency ranges from 40 to 62%
    • Long life chrome resistance wire element

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    • All quartz infrared halogen lamps should avoid fingerprints or oil on the lamp. Quartz glass under heat conditions will be damaged by vitrification of the glass if the quartz is contaminated. Use a clean cloth with water or alcohol to clean the lamp. Special care should always be observed when installing so as to not contaminate the lamp. Quartz heaters must not be operated in the presence of flammable vapors, gases or combustible materials without proper ventilation or other provisions to comply with National Fire Protection Code or other recognized authority. The National Fire Protection Association has made many of its safety codes — such as NFPA 86, the standard for industrial ovens and furnaces, and NFPA 87, the standard for thermal fluid heaters — available for online viewing at no charge.