Mica Insulated



    1-1/2" ID 1-1/2"W Nozzle Heater 250w 120v



    • 1-PC Mica Insulated Band Heater
    • 250w 120v
    • 12" Fiberglass Insulated Leads One on Each End
    • Strap Mounting
    • Ogden FBE01J01J-08045 Chromalox MB1J1J1A3

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    • A Mica Core Produces A Thin, Efficient Heater. Heat From The Precisely Wound Nichrome Element Is Quickly Transferred To The Working Surface For Fast Heat-Up And Response. Mica Provides Excellent Dielectric Strength And Heat Transfer Capability For Long Heater Life. The Mica Core Is Encased In A Continuous Corrosion Resistant Sheath Designed With Closed Ends To Protect Against Contamination.  All Ogden Full Mica Band Heaters Are Rated Maximum Sheath Temp. 800° F.