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    Current Transformer 100A to 33mA



    This Split Core Current Transformer Is Able To Produce a 0-20mA AC Signal From a 0-100A AC Primary Current. The Split Core Allows The Transformer To Be Installed Without Disconnecting The Primary Current Carrying Wire. Comes with 6"Leads

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    • Rated Primary Current at 50/60 Hz:100 A
      Maximum Primary Current at 50/60 Hz:360 A
      Current Ratio:100 A : 33.3 mA
      Accuracy @RL≤10 Ω:0.2 % F.S.
      Linearity @RL≤10 Ω:0.5 %
      Operating Temperature:-20 to 75 °C
      Storage Temperature:-30 to 90 °C
      Dielectric Withstanding Voltage:2,500 V / 1 mA / 1 min
      Impluse Withstand Voltage:5 kV Peak
      Insulation Resistance at 500 VDC:100 MΩ
      Dimensions:31 × 31 × 45 mm
      Weight:70 g