Cable Ties



    8" Stainless Steel Cable Ties

    Hitemp SSCT08


    • 8.4" Long, 0.187" Wide
    • Rated At 150/Lb Test
    • 2" Maximum Bundle Diameter
    • Maximum Rated Temperature 1000°F
    • Flame Retardent And Non-Toxic
    • Made From 304 Stainless Steel
    • Self Locking Head With Smooth Edges

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      • Fully Enclosed Head Prevents Contaminents Interfering With Locking Mechanism
      • Smooth Rounded Edges Ensure Safe Handling
      • Flame Retardent And NON-Toxic
      • Safe For Use In High Temperature Environments
      • Corrosion And Vibration Resistant
      • Does Not Require Expensive Installation Tools