1/16 DIN



    PM6C1EA-ALEJAAA 1/16-DIN 3-Outputs 2-Inputs



    • PID & Hi/Lo Limit Control Functions
    • Two Universal Inputs
    • Output-1 '5A SPDT Mechanical Relay'
    • Output-2 'none'
    • Output-3 '5A SPDT Mechanical Relay'
    • Output-4 '5A SPST Mechanical Relay'  
    • 100 ~ 240V-Ac Also Available In 12~24V-Dc 24V-Ac Model PM6C3EA-ALEJAAA

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    • A Primary PID Control Function With One Universal Input, Controls A 5A Single Pole Double Throw Mechanical Relay As Output-1 With No Output-2. An Auxillary Limit Control Function With It's Own Universal Input, Controls Another 5-Amp SPDT Mechanical Relay As Output-3 And A 5-Amp Single Pole Single Throw  Mechanical Relay As Output-4.  The Integrated Process Controller Provides A Closed Loop Process Utilizing An Auto Tune Algorithim  For PID Control And A High Or Low Safety Limit Control For Process Safety.  The Dual Function Controller Saves Space And Money!  

      PROGRAM FEATURESRamp And Soak Programming With Four Files And 40 Total Steps
      WARRANTY Three Years
      OTHER FEATURESRemovable Cage Clamp Wiring Connectors
        What is the difference between model numbers ending in BAA and models ending in AAA?
        Both controllers have the same form, fit, and function in fact they are the same controller with the exception of the program menus. The PM controllers ending in BAA have a more user-friendly EXPRESS menu that is application-oriented for thermal control. The PM controllers ending in AAA have a more comprehensive menu that in addition to thermal control the programming of various other processes such as pressure, humidity, valve control and much more is included in the programing menu.

        What is the difference between model numbers beginning with the letter B or A after the first dash?
        The 1/16th DIN Watlow EZ-Zone PM controllers beginning with the letter B after the first dash have blue tooth communication capability. The blue tooth is user selected on or off and there is no extra charge for this feature. Blue tooth allows viewing or programing the controller via a smart phone or blue tooth enabled pad using Watlow's EZ-Link software available free from Apple's app/store or the Google/play store. The 1/16th DIN Watlow EZ-Zone PM controllers beginning with the letter A after the first dash have standard serial bus capability allowing RS-485 2-wire to USB communication using the same Watlow EZ-Link free software together with a serial to USB accessory connector purchased seperatly.