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    • Electric Powered Devices Such as Fans, Pumps, Motors, Automation Controls and more..

      Airmaster® Fans, Mercury Relays & Fuses

      Maintenance Repair & Operations Supply Crib

      Airmaster® Fans / Mersen
      Solid State Relays, Mercury Relays & Fuses

    • Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems Including Actuators (Cylinders), Valves, Filters, Regulators, Lubricators, Pumps, Motors, Hoses, Tubing and Fittings.

      Actuators, Valves & Filters

      Components used in Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems

      Solenoid Manifold / Mercury Relays
      ARO-Flo Filters / Fueses

    • Components Used in Thermal Systems. Heaters, Temperature Controllers, Power Contactors and more..

      Heaters, Hi-Temp Wire & Injection Mold Care Products

      Components Used in Thermal Systems

      Watlow® Temperature Controls / Slide® Mold Release Agents
      Power Contactors, Thermocouples / RTDs

    Maintenance Repair & Operations Supply Crib

    Who is

    MROcrib is dedicated for customers of Industrial & Electric Supply Co.

    The products offered thru this website are primarily used for the repair & maintenance of production related equipment including products used in their processes such as mold release agents. The online products provides a means for requisitioners to obtain cost information for budgetary purposes as well as product specification sheets and user manuals including images or drawings before issuing RFQs to their purchasing department. 

    All visitors are invited to browse the online products and may purchase as a guest with or without registering. Customers who choose to purchase may safely do so by credit card or PayPal thru our secure gateway. Customers with an established credit account may purchase via purchase orders. Registered customers can log-in and review their purchase history.    

    We maintain historical purchase data for some of our established customers that go back more than 25 years. Some of these customers have their own virtual storeroom via a personalized database of inventoried products maintained with current pricing not viewable by the general public.

    The listing on the left labeled Online Products provides navigation by product category. The listing in the middle left labeled Resources provides access to virtual calculators, product videos, and literature. The listing on the lower left labeled Manufacturers provides navigation for online products by brand. You can also search our database using the search bar located on the top right hand with either keywords or part numbers. This website is also offered in ESPAÑOL.

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