Airmaster Ventilation Systems

Choosing The Right Exhaust For Ventilation Systems

This page is your guide to choosing the best ventilation systems.
From Hazardous Industry Certified Standard Explosion Proof Fans, to the All Purpose Wall Fans, INTAKE LOUVERS, IN-LINE Fans Centrifugal Fans, Propeller Roof Fans, Gravity Relief Vents & Ventilation Accessories; Air Supply Units, Weather Hoods, Guards, Shutters & Wall Collars.

Explosion Proof Fans

When working with hazardous materials, you must rely on quality ventilation systems that are designed to perform the task. Weather you require Explosion Proof Fans for Paint Booths, or working out in the Oil Fields; the size & how fast ventilation is required would be selected by the CFM static pressure, Airmaster provides several horse powered explosion proof fans rated as low pressure or high pressure.

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  • 12" Explosion Proof Fans
  • 16" Explosion Proof Fans
  • 18" Explosion Proof Fans
  • 24" Explosion Proof Fans
  • 30" Explosion Proof Fans
  • 36" Explosion Proof Fans
  • 42" Explosion Proof Fans
  • 48" Explosion Proof Fans

Note: Airmaster ships 3 days after receipt of order.

Models: 12EXG16, 16EXG16, 18EXG16A, 18EBX836A, H18VEX76-1, H18VEX836-1, 24EBX836A, 24EXG16A, H24VEX76-2, H24VEX836-2, H30VEX76-1, H30VEX836-1, H30VEX836-3, H36VEX836-3, H36VEX836-1, H36VEX836-2, H42VEX836-1, H42VEX836-2, H48VEX836-2

What Certifications come with Airmaster Explosion Proof Fans?

Currently, the USCG permits electrical equipment to be used on MODU, OSV, and similar vessels or installations operating in the OCS only after it has been certified by an independent laboratory to 46 CFR 110.15-1. This has now been superseded by a requirement that - from 2018 - all such equipment must be certified or listed in accordance with either National Regulations or the IECEx Scheme (the International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards relating to Equipment for use in Explosive Atmospheres).
For various reasons, the USCG does not permit the use of equipment certified solely under ATEX Directive 94/9/EC. However, it does recognize that most ATEX-certified equipment may also be IECEx-certified, and/or that the certification body may also be a USCG independent laboratory, as defined in 46 CFR 110.15-1.

All Purpose Wall Fans

Direct Drive Low Pressure, High Pressure Wall Mounted Fans & Shutters


INTAKE LOUVERS is available with Fixed or Adjustable Blades

Models LE47A & LE47


IN-LINE Fans are the ideal air movers for any size environment

Air In-Line Duct Fans offer innovation and performance at a great prices!

Centrifugal Fans

Airmaster Centrifugal Fans are excellent for moving air or other gases.

You may also know them as "blowers" or "squirrel cage fans", these fans increase the speed and volume of it's air stream using rotating impellers

Propeller Roof Fans

Are commonly used as exhaust fans & supply fans

Designed to provide unrestricted airflow and maximum weather protection.

Gravity Relief Vents

Also known as gravity relief ventilators

These devices are designed to help keep your environment cool, reducing stress on your air conditioner.

Ventilation Accessories

Ventilation Accessories are available online

Air Supply Units, Weather Hoods & Guards, Shutters & Wall Collars