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  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Explosion proof motors Class I, Group D & Class II Groups E, F, & G, with the exception of the 12” and 16” sizes which are explosion proof motors, Class I, Group D & Class II Groups F & G
  • Propellers have spark resistant aluminum blades


What's The Difference Between High Pressure & Low Pressure Explosion Proof Fans?

The differences between High Pressure & Low Pressure Explosion Proof Fans are defined by how fast or slow ventilation is required. High Pressure is equivalent to Quick Ventilation and Low Pressure is equivalent to Slow Ventilation.

What Certifications come with Airmaster Explosion Proof Fans?

Currently, the USCG permits electrical equipment to be used on MODU, OSV, and similar vessels or installations operating in the OCS only after it has been certified by an independent laboratory to 46 CFR 110.15-1. This has now been superseded by a requirement that - from 2018 - all such equipment must be certified or listed in accordance with either National Regulations or the IECEx Scheme (the International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards relating to Equipment for use in Explosive Atmospheres).
For various reasons, the USCG does not permit the use of equipment certified solely under ATEX Directive 94/9/EC. However, it does recognize that most ATEX-certified equipment may also be IECEx-certified, and/or that the certification body may also be a USCG independent laboratory, as defined in 46 CFR 110.15-1.

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