• Bottom Flange = 31" Square
  • Roof Opening = 24" Square
  • Curb Height = 12"
  • Made In The USA





      C1014578 Mersen 12-1/2A 700Vac Fuse View larger

      Z1014575 Mersen 8A 700Vac Fuse



      • Primarily Used For Semiconductor Protection
      • 13/32"OD x 1-1/2"L  (10mm x 38mm) Rated 700Vac 500Vdc
      • Inturrupting Rating 160Ka@690Vac
      • I²T Clearing Rating 35A²Seconds @690Vac
      • I²T Clearing Rating 23A²Seconds @480Vac
      • I²T Clearing Rating 14A²Seconds @240Vac
      • I²T Clearing Rating 11A²Seconds @120Vac

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      • These Semiconductor Protecting Fuses Are Extremely Fast Acting With Current Limiting And Excellent Cycling Ability. Some Recommended Applications are Solid State Relays, SCR Controllers, Motor Drives, Small Inverters And Equipment Requiring The Highest Degree Of Protection. Similar To Bussman FWC-8A10F

        Se puede utilizar con Ferraz Shawmut Ultrasafe Fuse Holders.


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