• 10K Amp Interrupting Rating
  • Fast Acting On Short Circuits
  • Moderate Time-Delay On Inrush Currents
  • Also Available Up To 15Amps
  • Can Be Used With UltraSafe Fuse Holders
  • UPC 78200190136
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    Contactores de mercurio



      60A 3P 120Vac Mercury Contactor



      • Coil Rating Per Pole 5.8-VA 1.25kΩ (Coils Are In Parrallel)
      • Contacts Normally Open Rated 60A@480V 48A@600V
      • Amperage Rating Based On Resistive Load
      • Contact Make Time 50 Milliseconds
      • Contact Break Time 80 Milliseconds
      • Temperature Range -35°c To +85°c
      • Dielectric Withstanding UpTo 2500Vac RMS
      • Direct Replacement For Watlow HG60-1PD3-0000

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        • Contacts Are Within A Hermetically Sealed Steel Body
        • Arcing Is In A Gaseous Atmosphere
        • Only One Moving Part (The Plunger)
        • Epoxy Encapsulated
        • Coil Terminals:  #6 Binding Head Screws
        • Load Terminals: Pressure Connectors for #2 Thru #8 American Wire Gauge
        • UL Listing:  File #E62767
        • C.S.A.:  File #LR41198
        • 1-Year Warranty
        • 360NO-120A Made In The USA By Mercury Displacement Industries, Inc.