What is the difference between FDA approved, food-grade and NSF-certified?

The main differences between FDA approved, food-grade, and NSF-certified are as follows: FDA approved: Primarily applies to drugs, medical devices, and certain food additives; indicates that the FDA has approved the product for a specific intended use. Food-grade: Refers to materials and substances safe for direct contact with food; ensures they meet regulatory standards for food safety and prevent contamination. NSF-certified: A certification provided by NSF International, typically related to equipment and materials used in the food industry; indicates that the product meets specific safety, quality, and performance standards set by NSF.

What are the Harmonized System (HS) codes for Slide’s products?

Slide uses the following HS Codes.

  • HS Code 3403.19.1000 is used for slide lubricating products (mold releases, rust preventives and ejector pin grease.)
  • HS Code 3402.90.5030 is used for slide cleaning products (mold cleaners and purging compounds.)

Are Slide’s products classified as HAZMAT?

Compressed gas, is in slide aerosols. So, when they ship, they have a HAZMAT designation. However, we know-how to ship without extra hazmat fees via UPS and FedEx ground.