Watlow Reference Data, Power Calculations, Equations, Wattage requirements and Tubular elements and assembly selection guide.
Power Calculations
Calculations for Required Heat Energy
The total heat energy (kWH or BTU) required to satisfy the system needs will be either of the two values shown below depending on which calculated result is larger.
(A.) Heat required for start up (B.) Heat required to maintain the desired temperature
The power required (kW) will be the heat energy value (kWH) divided by the required start up or working cycle time. The kW rating of the heater will be the greater of these values plus a safety factor.
3-Phase Open Delta, 3-Phase Delta (Balanced Load), 3-Phase Wye (Balanced Load) and 3-Phase Open Wye (No Neutral)
Wattage Requirements
The following equations listed in document can be used to make quick estimates of wattage requirements.
Watlow® tubular elements and assemblies are primarily used for direct immersion in water, oils, viscous materials, solvents, process solutions and molten materials as well as air and gases.