Din-A-Mite® Power Controllers

Watlow's Din-A-Mite is An Innovative Alternative To Industry Standards

Din-A-Mite is A Total Engineered Package

The Din-A-Mite® family of power controllers from Watlow® includes SCR control, heat sink, wiring and a touch safe exterior all in one package. The design of the Din-A-Mite as a total unit,eliminates the need to prep wires for terminals, find the heat sink for rated amperage and determine adequate terminations. Watlow's Din-A-Mite is a complete package you can install and forget because everything is already done for you. In this one package, you'll get: a more compact alternative to selecting and buying separate components all in a safe touch exterior providing simplicity, easy, and fast installation with minimal preparation time, and minimal engineering involved. A good alternative to Mercury Relays and Electro-Mechanical Contactors.


Din-A-Mite is Easy and Fast to Install

Since all components are selected and assembled for you, installation is simple and easy. All you have to do is strip wires and connect. A fast & simple easy retrofit solution.

  • No need to Drill and Tap
  • Back panel or Din Rail mountable
  • Simple Safe Wiring
  • Similar foot print to Mercury Relays


Din-A-Mite for Ovens and Furnaces

In a coatings application, the customer needed to rebuild an oven to improve heater life and temperature control, plus reduce electrical noise. They needed a product that would fit in the existing cabinet to avoid the costs involved with increasing the size of the cabinet. The customer replaced all of the 100 amp mechanical contactors with Watlow’s 100 amp DIN-A-MITE SCR power controllers. This customer was able to use the existing control panel and mount the DIN-A-MITE controllers in less space than the mechanical contactors. Additionally, the DIN-A-MITEs provided on-board current transformers as well as built-in semiconductor fusing. These controllers improved heater life and process temperature control while reducing electrical noise with zero cross firing.

Din-A-Mite for Semiconductor Processing

Watlow knows the importance of controlling temperature in the semiconductor manufacturing process. Even the slightest variation can cause damage to expensive ingots and chips. Watlow’s variable time base DIN-A-MITE controllers help to maintain process set point without any overshoot or droop variations in temperature, ensuring a quality process. The small size of the DIN-A-MITE means the size of clean room control panels will be minimal, thus saving money, saves valuable space to increase, flexibility in semiconductor processing and minimal RFI to ensure long life of the heaters and other system equipment.

Din-A-Mite for Plastics Processing

In plastics processing, Watlow’s DIN-A-MITE is an ideal replacement for mercury displacement relays in injection molding, extrusion, blown film extrusion and blow molding systems. You’ll get better control of the heater and the process, more accurate temperatures, a more consistent product, less rejects and reduced downtime. A plastics manufacturer used mercury relays in their equipment, but wanted longer heater life that relays could not provide. They were also encountering some trouble with machines occasionally shutting down. Watlow recommended three-phase, two leg DIN-A-MITE controllers to replace the mercury relays. The DIN-A-MITEs fit in the same footprint as the relays, so there was no need to reconfigure the machine to accept the new controllers. The DIN-A-MITEs also eliminated electrical noise and prevented machine stoppages, therefore reducing downtime.

Din-A-Mite Features & Benefits

  • Din-A-Mite is Safe to Handle
  • Din-A-Mite Extends the Life of Heaters
  • Din-A-Mite Achieves Optimum Control with Zero Cross Switching
  • Din-A-Mite Reduces Wear on Thermal Systems
  • Din-A-Mite Helps Prevent System Failure
  • Din-A-Mite's Rugged Back to Back SCR Design Ensures Long Term Reliability