EZ-ZONE® RM Process Control System

A series of din rail mount modules for flexibility in control system design

Six modules, each with unique control options, provide flexibility in designing a process controller based on the user's control needs rather than the standard options built into the average process controllers.   The modules share the same common controller platform and can be mixed in any quantity to operate in concert with each other.  The concept of this type of control design can reduce cost because, whether the application requires one input and two outputs or 152 inputs or 256 outputs, the control options can be ordered in single increments.  This flexibility in control design is particularly useful in applications requiring multi-function or multi-zone control and monitoring.


EZ-ZONE® RM modules


Watlow EZ-ZONE RM image

EZ-ZONE® RMC module

This is a 24/48vDC powered control module. The control method is user selectable either heat/cool, on/off, or P, PI, PD, PID or alarm action. It is also available for ramp/soak control. The RMC comes has auto tune capability and utilizes Watlow's exclusive TRU-TUNE®+ adaptive algorithm control technology.  Standard bus protocol and software for configuring via laptop or desktop computer is included as standard.  The EZ-ZONE® RMC controller module can be ordered with one or up to four control inputs and from one up to eight control outputs.

EZ-ZONE® RMC Software Download

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Watlow EZ-ZONE ST image

EZ-ZONE® RMH module

With the exception of the ramp/soak control option the RMH module features the same control methods and power as the RMC controller.  The high density RMH controller can be ordered with four and upto sixteen control loops. It has the ability to incorporate nine functions upto 24 times such as alarms, compare values, counters, linearization, logic, digital or analog variables, math, and actions per module.   See the RMH specifications.


Watlow EZ-ZONE ST image

EZ-ZONE® RML module

Limit control from 4 to 12 safety limits.





Watlow EZ-ZONE ST image

EZ-ZONE® RMA module

Access field communications and data logging.  See the RMA specifications.





Watlow EZ-ZONE ST image

EZ-ZONE® RME module

Expansion of control I/O from 6 to 24; See the RME specifications.





Watlow EZ-ZONE ST image

Ez-Zone®RMS module

Monitor/Scanner of 4 to 16 auxiliary analog inputs  See the RMS specifications.