Watlow Din-A-Mite®A Power Controller

Common Features


The size 'A' Din-A-Mite power controller provides single phase zero cross switching up to 25 amps at 600Vac. The actual power rating is determined by the actual internal ambient temperature of its enclosure. The following amperage ratings are based on the given temperatures: 25A @77F, 23A @86F, 22A @95F, 20.5A @104F, 19A @113F, 18A @122F, 16A @131F, 15A @140F, 13A @149F, 12A @158F, 10A @167F, 9A @176F. The power dissipation is 1.2 watts per amp switched. The acceptable relative humidity range is 0 ~ 90% and in accordance with IEC safety standards the pollution degree is 2.

List of Available Configurations