Din-A-Mite® Power Controllers

Watlow's Din-A-Mite is An Innovative Alternative To Industry Standards

Four Sizes to Choose From

The Din-A-Mite® family of power controllers from Watlow® is available in four ampere rated sizes. The different sizes available are classified as: 'A', 'B', 'C', and 'D'. All sizes share the same design and provide the same basic features such as SCR control, a properly sized heat sink, simple and easy wiring, a touch safe exterior, all in one complete package. Other than selecting the amp size model, the simple choice of Line & Load voltage and the type of Control is all that is required.


Watlow Din-A-Mite A image

Watlow Din-A-Mite®


Din-A-Mite is Safe to Handle

The touch-safe exterior of the Din-A-Mite protects hands from electric shock and makes it completely safe to handle.

Din-A-Mite Extends the Life of Heaters

The most detrimental to the life of a heater is the full expansion and contraction of the heater resistance wire at an on and off rate of 30 to 60 seconds. The Din-A-Mite switches power to the heaters at such a high rate that it dramatically reduces the heater element temperature excursions and thereby substantially extends the life of the heaters.

Din-A-Mite Achieves Optimum Control with Zero Cross Switching

Zero cross switching is very fast and provides a very accurate control of both the heater element and the process. With this improved control, you’ll also see an increase in parts produced and less scrap, for improved productivity and efficiency. Accurate control and Improve productivity.

Din-A-Mite Reduces Wear on Thermal Systems

With optional variable time base switching, the DIN-A-MITE output automatically adjusts cycle time to meet the demands of the system. You’ll see benefits such as: less power required by the thermal system and heater output equal to need.

Din-A-Mite Prevents System Failure

A proven high current connection scheme ensures optimum electrical connection to prevent heat buildup, which could lead to system failure. To ensure overall reliability and reduce fear of hot spots, we’ve eliminated wires and fasteners which could possibly break down and loosen, as with other power controllers. Din-A-Mite helps prevent heat build up and improves reliability.

Din-A-Mite Provides Protection

Zero cross switching produces minimal RFI (radio frequency interference) to help prevent electrical noise that could possibly interfere with other equipment in your system. This added protection for your entire thermal system provides you with less total system downtime and less maintenance for your system. Eliminate downtime reduce system maintenance.

Din-A-Mite's Rugged Back to Back SCR Design Ensures Long Term Reliability

The DIN-A-MITE meets high current application requirements, tolerates spikes and dissipates less power. When used properly, the DIN-A-MITE outlasts any other type of switch. There’s no limit on the number of cycles the DIN-A-MITE can handle.