What's the difference between PM PLUS® and PM LEGACY®?

The PM LEGACY® is ideal for basic heating and cooling applications.

The LEGACY® includes one universal input and an option for up to two outputs and is available in 1/16 DIN and 1/32 DIN panel mount packages. It can be ordered as a PID process controller or as a dedicated over and under-temperature limit controller.

The PM PLUS® is is backwards compatible with LEGACY®, but offers much more. For example, PM PLUS® offers Bluetooth® connectivity with the EZ-LINK™ mobile app for remote access capability with full descriptions of parameters and error codes

The PM PLUS® improves the user experience by reducing the complexity at the front of the control while eliminating the dependency of cables when configuring the product. Like the original EZ-ZONE® PM, the PM PLUS® can be ordered as a PID controller, or an integrated controller with multiple functions combined into one.