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    Heater Release Agent

    Watlube 4 OZ


    Watlube is a Non-Conductive Heater Release Agent Offering Multiple Features and Benefits. 

    • A Barrier Against High Temperature Oxidation
    • Permits Higher Watt Densities
    • Prevents Heater Seizure
    • Extends Heater Life
    • Allowes Easy Removal Of Heaters
    • And Is Easy To Apply

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      • Heaters Of All Wattages Will Last Longer With Improved Heater Conductivity
      • Watlube Allows Heaters In A Closer Fit
      • Minimizes Lengthy Downtime When Replacing Heaters
      • Heat Transfers Quicker From The Heater Sheath
      • A Thin Coat Is All That Is Needed
      • An Easy To Apply Applicator Brush Is Included

      * NOTE Avoid Contact With Heater Leads , Not A Substitute For A Proper Hole Fit