Pedestal & Recirculadores de aire aumentable



    30" Pedestal circulador de aire del ventilador oscilante



    • AirMaster ventilador modelo CA30OP
    • Motor de 1/4-HP 115V monofásico oscilante
    • 6100-CFM @1100-RPM, 4400-CFM @800-RPM, 2700 CFM @600 RPM
    • Interruptor de 3 velocidades & cable de alimentación incluido
    • Motor de inclinación ajustable hasta 20° y 20°
    • Pedestal de altura ajustable 60"~ 96"
    • Puede ser tierra de envío UPS

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      • 30" hélice de acero galvanizado
      • UL / CUL enumerados
      • Garantía de dos años
      • Hecho en China
        Is the yellow pedestal fan 30" round, adjustable height, yellow and pull chain?
        This comes with a 2-speed pull chain switch.

        Is a higher CFM or lower CFM more energy efficient?
        The CFM is determined by the size and shape of the fan blade in conjunction with the RPM of the motor.  That being said, the actual energy efficiency would be determined by dividing the CFM by the energy being used to produce the CFM.

        How do you know how many watts a motor uses?
        On a single phase motor you multiply the motor rated amps x the motor voltage will determine the amount of watts used by a motor. and on a three phase motor you multiply the wattage by 1.73

        What is meant by CFM?
        CFM means cubic feet of air per minute. It is the measurement of airflow.