Solid State Relays



    25A SPST N/O 480Vac Power 3~32Vdc Control



    • Zero Cross Fire Back to Back SCR Design
    • Hocky Puck Style
    • Maximum I²T Fusing Is 960A²Seconds
    • Line Voltage 24 ~ 480Vac
    • Ambient Operating Temperature -40°F ~ 176°F
    • Thermal Resistance 0.63°F C/W

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    • Burst-Firing (Zero Cross Fire) Turns Power ON and OFF During The AC Cycle At Zero Potential. This Type Of Relay Should Be Protected With Semiconductor Fuses. On A High Fault Short These Type Of Fuses Open In Tenths Of a Millisecond .  The Fuse Should Be Sized 125% Of The Current Load Of The Relay.  The I²T Rating Of The Fuse Must Be Below The Maximum I²T Rating Of The Relay.

      NOTE: (I²T) Rated Current Squared Multiplied by Time (Seconds) 

      Made in China by: Ruike Electronic Industrial Co., LTD.