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    Slide 45216 Mold & Metal Polish bottles


    Slide 45216 Mold & Metal Polish safely removes plate-out, oxidation, other polishes and stains on tooling surfaces. It wipes on and off without leaving a residue. Applied with a soft cotton cloth or buffing wheel, it cleans & shines surface cavities & cores during plastics processing. Restores surface finish, while providing a high, luster sheen.

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    • Slide 45216 Mold & Metal Polish Bottles

      • Effective On Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Beryllium, Zinc, Bronze, Stainless-Steel
      • Ideal For Use In Injection, Blow, Extrusion, Compression & Rim Molding
      • Cleans & Polishes Spruce Bushings, Injection Screws, Acrylics & Polycarbonates
      • Non-Hazardous
      • Non-Corrosive
      • 10/Oz Container

      Slide 45216 MSDS Available from the download tab.

      How to effectively apply Mold Release

      You can apply Slide Mold Cleaner directly on the mold while in production! Slide has mold cleaners that require no wiping, leave no residue and quickly evaporate.

      Using Slide 46370 Mold & Metal Polish Wipes, you simply rube across the surface of the mold. To thoroughly clean & polish your molds, apply Slide 45216 Mold & Metal Polish to the wipe and rube across the surface.

      Watch a brief video demonstrating how to properly clean your molds.

      NOTE: Slide Products are developed for plastics processors and fabricators, including mold and tool builders or MRO applications in general industry. They are not formulated for home use. These products will not be shipped to a residential address and are not intended as retail products.