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    Low Pressure Direct Drive Wall Fans

    All Purpouse Wall Fans That Reduces Energy Costs

    Low Pressure Direct Drive Wall Fans - EPR

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    Looking For Reliable Low Pressure Direct Drive Wall Fan?

    Airmaster Low Pressure Direct Drive All Purpose Wall Fan Model EPR with a wide range of accessories.


    Exhaust & Ventilation

    Inside Wall Mounted, Outside Mounted, Duct & Tube Mount plus Accessories for all Airmaster Ventilation Systems

    Low Pressure Direct Drive Wall Fan Model EPR

    Model EPR

    • 1 Year Warranty
    • High Efficiency
    • Totally Enclosed Motor
    • Commercial Duty
    • 115V
    • 2 Speed
    • Can Be Shipped UPS Ground

    Purchase online or call Industrial & Electric Supply Company, toll free 1 (800) 880 - 3743 for more information.

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