• Bottom Flange = 31" Square
  • Roof Opening = 24" Square
  • Curb Height = 12"
  • Made In The USA


    Transformadores de medida



      Current Transformer 50A to 50mA



      This Donut Current Transformer Provides A Proportional 0~50mA Signal From a 0~50A Current Passing Thru The Donut Hole.  The Metered Signal From The CT Can Be Integrated With A Panel Meter or Utilized By A Temperature Or Power Controller To Trigger An Alarm Detecting A Shorted Heater Or SSR Circuit. Dimensions are 0.65"ID Hole X 1.40"OD X 1.50"H X 0.50"D And Comes With An Adhesive Pad And 16"Leads.


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