• Bottom Flange = 31" Square
  • Roof Opening = 24" Square
  • Curb Height = 12"
  • Made In The USA


    Contactores SCR



      25A 100~120Vac Control 120~240Vac 1ph Load



      • Line Voltage 120~240Vac 1-Phase
      • Control Voltage 100~120Vac@4.5Vdc
      • Din Rail Mount or Flat Panel Mounting
      • Back to Back SCR Design
      • Zero Cross Switching Up-To 25A@80°F (see table below)


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      •           Current De-Ratings Shown Are Based On Natural Convection (No Artificial Cooling)

                            167°F....10-Amp          140°F....15-Amp        113°F....20-Amp      80°F....25-Amp

         The Watlow® Din-A-Mite "A" Power Controller has a Short Circit Test Rating of  200-Ka @ 480Vac

         Dimensions:  3.7"L x 1.8"W x 3.9"D