• Bottom Flange = 31" Square
  • Roof Opening = 24" Square
  • Curb Height = 12"
  • Made In The USA


    Adaptadores de fusible & reductores



      60A To 30A 250V Fuse Reducer Class H & K View larger

      200A Fuse To 600A 600V Class J Fuse Clips



      • Allows 200A Fuse To Fit 600A 600V Class J Fuse Clips
      • Designed For Rejection Type Fuses
      • Will Allow Class J Fuses To Fit Class J Fuse Clips
      • Sold In Pair of Each Fuse End
      • Tested For 200K AIC
      • Same As Buss J62
      • UPC 78200175351 

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      • Ferraz Shawmut Fuse Reducers Allow The Use Of Lower Rated Fuses In Existing Equipment Having Clips With Higher Ampere Ratings. The Use Of Closer Rated Time-Delay Fuses Can Improve Circuit Protection. For Example, Renewable Or One-Time Fuses Feeding A Motor Can Be Replaced With Fuses Sized Closer To The Motor Nameplate Current. Non-Rejection Reducers Will Allow Class H, K or R Fuses To Fit Class H Or K Clips.