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    Slide 46010 Econo-Spray® Pin & Lube Grease


    Slide 46010 is a white lithium grease that protects equipment by reducing the friction and sticking that can cause premature wear and hinder productivity. Econo-Spray® Pin & Lube Grease is ideal for knock-out pins where part marking could be a problem. It's a heavy-duty grease, water resistant, protects against corrosion and works at a wide range of temperatures.

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    • Slide 46010 Econo-Spray® Pin & Lube Grease

      • Contains Rust And Oxidant Inhibitors
      • NLGI Grade #2 Grease
      • No Methylene Chloride
      • No ChloroFluorocarbons (CFC's)
      • It Can Be Used On Metals, Glass, Some Plastics And Rubbers
      • 11Oz Net Weight Aerosol Can

      Slide 46010 MSDS available from the download tab.

      How to effectively use Mold Release

      How to effectively use Mold Release to maximize productivity,

      When applying mold release, hold the can 6" - 8" from the surface of the mold & spray in a sweeping motion coving all parts of the mold evenly. You can also apply Slide 4102N directly onto the areas with sticking issues.

      Watch the bellow video demonstration to see how to apply mold release. Visit Slide Instructional Videos page for more "How To" videos.