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    Slide 46910 Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser IV


    Slide 46910 contains no chlorinated solvents and provides a convenient method for removal of silicones, grease, oil and wax build-up on mold surfaces, etc. Without the need for wiping. Ideal for cold molds, it leaves no residue so it cleans without wiping. It has a fast evaporating formulation, is non-conductive and non-abrasive.

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    • Slide 46910 Mold Cleaner Plus Degreaser IV

      • No Ozone Depleting Chemicals
      • No Methylene Chloride
      • No Chlorofluorocarbons(CFC's)
      • No 1,1,1 Trichloroethane
      • Meets All Current EPA and OSHA Regulation
      • Non-Flammable
      • 10/Oz Net Weight Aerosol Can

      Slide 46910 MSDS Available from the download tab.

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