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    Electric Power

    • Fans / Blowers / Vents 
    • Protection Devices / Power Switching Devices
    • Solid State Relays, Mercury Relays

  • Fluid Power

    Fluid Power

    • Push-In Aire Fittings
    • Pneumatic Valves
    • Filters

  • Thermal Power

    Thermal Power

    • Heaters / thermaocouples / RTD's
    • Temperature Controls
    • Power Swtiching Devices / Mold Care Products

Industrial & Electric Supply

Maintenance Repair & Operations Supply Crib

A Major Brand Distributor Of Industrial Products Since 1980, Industrial & Electric Supply Stocks Components Used In Manufacturing Equipment. The company’s area of distribution currently extends the entire USA/Mexico border and includes some manufacturers in Argentina. Customers are drawn from various manufacturing sectors in the automotive, appliance, electronics, cosmetics, medical, and plastics industries. The product mix focuses on components used in the maintenance of manufacturing equipment. Specialization in thermal systems and motor control is primary. A full listing of products is in our line sheet.